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Official Festival 8 Pollock Prints

Jim Pollock has created the official prints for Festival 8. There was a a colored print, edition of 1,000 and a red/cyan 3D print that came with 3D glasses, edition of 650.

My Thoughts: Festival 8 Night 1

Since I couldn't make it to Festival 8, the next best thing would be enjoy it from the comfort of my couch. After getting home from work, I dusted off my satellite radio that had been sitting dormant in it's box and hooked it up to my receiver. I turn on the unit only to find that I didn't have any reception. What was I going to do? I was hungry and wanted to get some grub before tackling my small problem.

I called my friend Karla up and we decided to get some pizza at Piece. We went early enough that we didn't have to wait for a table. The Dark-n-Curvy Dunkelweizen complemented the pizza well as I was getting excited for the show. By the time we left the place was packed. On the way home we made a quick stop at Lemmings for one more beer. The Lagunitas IPA hit the spot!

When I got home I had less than a half hour to solve my signal problem so I had to think fast. Thankfully the chord for the antenna was plenty long. I ran the chord under my door and up to the side of my garage where a hook just so happened to be. It was like the antenna was meant to be there. The antenna had an unobstructed view and I was in business. I tuned to channel 56 and the sweet sound of Ween's "Freedom of 76" was piping through my speakers.

I was hoping for a "Down with Disease" opener, but "Party Time" kicked the festivities off. While the bands partying days are long gone, they were clearly ready to have a good time. Page continued his resurgence and brought some serious funk during "Moma Dance". After a very solid "Stash", the band played the amusing " I Didn't Know", in which Fishman did his trademark vacuum solo.

"Ocelot" was clearly the best song of the first set. The jam had incredible pace and showed why it has become a staple in the repertoire in it's short existence. "Time Turns Elastic" closed Festival 8's first set. I am a firm believer that this song needs to close a set. While the song seemed a little bit sloppy during the middle sections, the band regrouped for a strong finish. All in all the set had it's moments, but for some reason didn't blow me away. It seemed like the band was playing it safe.

Set II:
PYITE, Down With Disease > Prince Caspian > Wolfman's Brother > Piper >Joy
, David Bowie, Harry Hood, Golgi Apparatus

The second set sounded as good as it looks on paper and maybe even better. After a standard "Punch You In The Eye", the band unleashed one of the best sets of music of Phish 3.0. "Down With Disease" has really become a monster and this version was really tight. There was a stop start jam that really has to be heard. "Wolfman's Brother" saw Mike break out his trademark funk during the jam. I thought the groove they had going was rushed a bit and too short, but nonetheless I enjoyed it.

Phish transported their fans from the Polo Grounds to outer space during "Piper". The jam was very spooky and segued into "Joy". Trey announced that they were going to give fans a clue into their Halloween costume as Fishman started the hi-hat intro to "David Bowie". It was a bad joke, but hey I chuckled. Phish nailed the song and Trey was spot on. After a standout "Harry Hood" the band finished the set with "Golgi Apparatus"

The band came back and played a rocking version of "Character Zero" to end the first night of Festival 8. The story of this show was clearly the second set. The band seemed to be dialed in and lets hope it spills into tonight's show. Happy Halloween!

Festival 8 Spoiler Content & NYE in Miami Confirmed

Friday, October 30, 2009

Setlist: Festival 8 Night 1

Phish Festival 8
Friday, October 30, 2009
Indio, CA

Set I:
Party Time, Chalkdust Torture, Moma Dance, NICU, Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan, Stash, I Didn't Know, Poor Heart, Cavern, Beauty Of A Broken Heart, Ocelot, Time Turns Elastic

Set II: Punch You In The Eye, Down With Disease > Prince Caspian > Wolfman's Brother > Piper > Joy, David Bowie, Harry Hood, Golgi Apparatus

Character 0

Wilco (The Loft)

Loftlife Magazine did a really cool story on Wilco's loft in Chicago. The space serves as the bands principle recording & rehearsal space.

You can check out the article here.

All photos by Charles Harris

Video: The Blakroc Sessions: Webisode 7

Phish Festival 8: Soundcheck & More

Festival 8 is officially underway! The band had their first soundchecks on Thursday. The band had an acoustic run through in the afternoon followed by an electric soundcheck in the evening. Trey teased the beginning of "Kids" by MGMT during the evening soundcheck.

Soundcheck: Jam, Undermind > Devil With a Blue Dress Jam, Starship Trooper Jam, Gone, Liquid Time

Check back for updates, as there will be updates a plenty throughout the weekend.

Someone over on Green Board snagged a copy of the auds of the soundcheck. You can download it here.

Check out some images from Thursday

Phish is is down to their Elite 8, as Michael Jackson's Thriller was killed off the list this morning.
  1. David Bowie | Hunky Dory
  2. Genesis | The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
  3. Jimi Hendrix | Electric Ladyland
  4. King Crimson | Larks’ Tongues In Aspic
  5. MGMT | Oracular Spectacular
  6. Prince | Purple Rain
  7. Radiohead | Kid A
  8. Rolling Stones | Exile on Main Street

A look at the lay of the land at Festival 8

Sierra Nevada brewed up some Foam Pilsner. It was brewed exclusively for Festival 8!

Check out the additional coverage of Festival 8:

Hidden Track Blog

Live Music Blog

YEMblog - Live from Festival 8

Video: Great Lake Swimmers - "Palmistry"

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Review: Great Lake Swimmers @ Lincoln Hall

Simple. Elegant. Beautiful. Those are all words that can be used to describe the music of Great Lake Swimmers.

Hardly a household name, Toronto's Great Lake Swimmers have built a steady following of fans with incredibly simple music. I stumbled upon the band by accident. I was surfing the Internet, when I read a review for their 2007 release Ongiara. I took one listen and I was hooked.

The band is in the midst of a world tour in support of Lost Channels, which was released earlier this year. Making their first appearance at the newly opened Lincoln Hall, it didn't take long for the band to get acclimated with their surroundings. Opening with "I Could Be Nothing", the band sounded like they were playing on a record from the 1920's. Violinist Miranda Mulholland and bassist Brett Higgins gave it
an added dimension along with a vintage feel.

After "There is a Light", the band slipped behind the black curtain leaving Tony Dekker front and center. After "Concrete Heart", Dekker performed the hauntingly beautiful "Stealing Tomorrow". His voice echoed throughout Lincoln Hall as if nobody was in the room. The audience stood motionless and silent listening intently to every subtlety
of Dekker's voice and guitar playing.

The band used "Your Rocky Spine" to show off the banjo chops of multi-instrumentalist Erik Arnesen. Playing everything from guitar to a hand pump organ, Arnesen proved to be up to the task by putting his stamp on each of the songs.The band cranked it up a bit with the R.E.M. inspired "She Comes To Me In Dreams". Drummer Greg Millson whaled away on his small kit, while
Mulholland's sweet sounding violin soothed our ears in between Millson's mighty drum fills.

As quietly as the band rolled into town, they left in the same fashion. Dekker's
humbleness and sincerity is something that I can appreciate. I'm still trying to figure out how a group as talented as Great Lake Swimmers is not more of a household name.

Phish Festival 8's Bunny Radio On The Air

Bunny Radio
is now live on the air.

You can stream the station online if you aren't at the festival, and you can check out tracklists and commentary via Twitter.

Live Music Blog]

Festival 8 Is Upon Us

Boy, do I wish I was on my way to Indio, CA for Festival 8. Aside from the reunion shows at the Mothership this past March, this weekend is shaping up to be the biggest Phish weekend since the train wreck that was Coventry. This weekend will be a true celebration of the spirit of Phish.

I am really hoping that the band will play Electric Ladyland for their Halloween set.

For more detailed information check out the Festival 8 website.

Which album will Phish perform? As of this posting, there are only 9 albums alive.

1. David Bowie | Hunky Dory

2. Genesis | The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

3. Jimi Hendrix | Electric Ladyland

4. King Crimson | Larks’ Tongues In Aspic

5. MGMT | Oracular Spectacular

6. Michael Jackson | Thriller

7. Prince | Purple Rain

8. Radiohead | Kid A

9. Rolling Stones | Exile on Main Street

For those of us who will not be at the festival and have Satellite Radio, you will be able to listen to the entire weekend on Sirius/XM Radio.

XM Radio -
Channel 56 Jam On
Sirius Radio -
Channel 17 Jam On

Check out this video of Trey talking about how the Phish Festivals evolved.

Need a Phish app for your iPhone?

You can follow the
festival on Twitter.

Phish will be offering
each show this weekend in FLAC-HD!

If you don't want to pay for the recording, you can also
check out bt.etree, where there will be plenty of recordings available after the festival, and maybe even during!

Looks like the
weather in Indio will be very pleasant.

I didn't catch this on Conan last night, but this is pretty random.

[via Jamtopia]
Live Music Blog]

Help Induct Gram Parsons into the Country Music Hall of Fame

You can sign the petition here.

[via Paste]

Peter Gabriel Covers Radiohead, David Bowie & Bon Iver On New Album

Peter Gabriel is set to release a new orchestral cover album. The album due out next year will be titled Scratch My Back. The rumored track listing below.

NME has the scoop.

David Bowie -
Radiohead - "Street Spirit (Fade Out)"
Magnetic Fields - "The Book Of Love"
Bon Iver - "Flume"
Arcade Fire - "My Body Is A Cage"
Talking Heads - "Listening Wind"
Randy Newman - " I Think It's Going to Rain Today"
Regina Spektor or Eartha Kitt - "Apres Moi"
The Kinks - "Waterloo Sunset"
Paul Simon - "The Boy In The Bubble"
Lou Reed - "The Power Of The Heart"
Neil Young - "Philadelphia"
Elbow - "Mirrorball

Setlist: Great Lake Swimmers @ Lincoln Hall

Great show tonight! I will have my review posted in the next day or so.

Great Lake Swimmers

October 28, 2009

Lincoln Hall

Chicago, IL

I Could Be Nothing

Everything Is Moving So Fast >

Bodies And Minds


Put There By Land

The Chorus In The Underground

There Is A Light

Concrete Heart%

Stealing Tomorrow%

Unison Falling Into Harmony

Your Rocky Spine

She Comes To Me In Dreams

Pulling On A Line

Moving Pictures, Silent Films


I Am Part Of A Large Family


Changing Colours

Taillights Fade^

% Tony Solo
^ Bufalo Tom cover

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Great Lake Swimmers Tonight in Chicago: Follow the show live on Twitter

I will be at the Great Lake Swimmers show at Lincoln Hall in Chicago. I will be posting the setlist live to my Twitter account.

You can
follow my Twitter account here.

Festival 8 Update: Goodbye Ziggy Stardust

  1. David Bowie - Hunky Dory
  2. King Crimson - Larks' Tongues In Aspic
  3. Michael Jackson - Thriller
  4. Van Morrison - Astral Weeks
  5. Prince - Purple Rain
  6. Radiohead - Kid A
  7. Led Zeppelin - Zeppelin I
  8. Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland
  9. MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
  10. Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
  11. Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street

Festival 8 Update: T Minus 12 & Counting

Another album just bit the dust.
  1. David Bowie - Hunky Dory
  2. King Crimson - Larks' Tongues In Aspic
  3. Michael Jackson - Thriller
  4. Van Morrison - Astral Weeks
  5. Prince - Purple Rain
  6. Radiohead - Kid A
  7. Led Zeppelin - Zeppelin I
  8. Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland
  9. MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
  10. David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
  11. Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
  12. Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street

Video: Trailer For John Lennon Biopic "Nowhere Boy"

Festival 8 Update: Lucky 13

Phish has their list of possible Halloween costumes down to 13!
  1. David Bowie - Hunky Dory
  2. King Crimson - Larks' Tongues In Aspic
  3. Michael Jackson - Thriller
  4. Van Morrison - Astral Weeks
  5. Prince - Purple Rain
  6. Yes - The Yes Album
  7. Radiohead - Kid A
  8. Led Zeppelin - Zeppelin I
  9. Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland
  10. MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
  11. David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
  12. Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
  13. Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street

Hump Day Happenings

Finally, with Festival 8 just a few days a way, Phish fans will begin to converge upon Indio, CA for this years biggest Halloween bash. I won't be attending the festival, but I will certainly be following the weekends events closely. There is all kinds of speculation of what Phish will play for their Halloween costume, but below are my top three choices and my dark horse pick.
  1. Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland
  2. The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street
  3. David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
  4. MGMT - Oracular Spectacular (My dark horse pick)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Preview: Great Lake Swimmers @ Lincoln Hall

It has been quite the year for Great Lake Swimmers. Earlier this year they released Lost Channels, their most ambitious effort to date. The band was on the short list for the coveted Polaris Prize, which is given to the best Canadian album based on artistic merit and nothing else. They were also recently nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award for "Contemporary Album Of The Year". They have toured extensively for the album and are finishing up their North American tour with a run of shows in the Midwest. Tony Dekker and company will make their Lincoln Hall debut on Wednesday. Tickets are still available and information for the show is below. The Wooden Birds open.

Great Lake Swimmers

The Wooden Birds

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lincoln Hall
2424 North Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60614

9:oo PM


Tickets $14

Great Lake Swimmers - Stealing Tomorrow (Legion Sessions) from nettwerkmusic on Vimeo.

Great Lake Swimmers - Still (Legion Sessions) from nettwerkmusic on Vimeo.

Great Lake Swimmers - Pulling On A Line (Legion Sessions) from nettwerkmusic on Vimeo.

Another World Tour For U2

U2 has announced their second world tour in support of the lackluster No Line On The Horizon. Bono and company's space ship will land at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA on June 10, and the tour will conclude in Coimbra, Portugal in early October. No word on any additional dates. The band will wrap up their current tomorrow in Vancouver, BC, and will finally break even after 44 shows! Now the band can pad their pocket books. The tour dates are below.

06-06 Anaheim, CA - Angel Stadium
06-12 Denver, CO - Invesco Field
06-16 Oakland, CA - Oakland Coliseum
06-20 Seattle, WA - Qwest Field
06-23 Edmonton, Alberta - Commonwealth Stadium
06-30 East Lansing, MI - Spartan Stadium
07-03 Toronto, Ontario - Rogers Centre
07-06 Chicago, IL - Soldier Field
07-09 Miami, FL - Land Shark Stadium
07-12 Philadelphia, PA - Lincoln Financial Field
07-16 Montreal, Quebec - TBA
07-19 New York, NY - New Meadowlands Stadium
08-10 Frankfurt, Germany - Commerzbank Arena
08-12 Hanover, Germany - AWD Stadium
08-15 Horsens, Denmark - Casa Arena
08-16 Horsens, Denmark - Casa Arena
08-20 Helsinki, Finland - Olympiastadion
08-21 Helsinki, Finland - Olympiastadion
08-25 Moscow, Russia - Luzhniki
08-30 Vienna, Austria - Ernst Happel Stadium
09-03 Athens, Greece - Olympic Stadium
09-06 Istanbul, Turkey - Ataturk Olympic Stadium
09-15 Munich, Germany - Olympic Stadium
09-18 Paris, France - Stade de France
09-22 Brussels, Belgium - Stade Roi Boudoin
09-23 Brussels, Belgium - Stade Roi Boudoin
09-29 Seville, Spain - Estadio Olimpico De La Cartuja
10-02 Coimbra, Portugal - Estadio Cidade Coimbra
10-03 Coimbra, Portugal - Estadio Cidade Coimbra

Monday, October 26, 2009

Them Crooked Vultures: "New Fang"

The anticipation is building for the November 17 release of Them Crooked Vultures self-titled debut album. After several short studio clips and some live YouTube videos, the band has finally released a full studio track called "New Fang".

Click below to hear the track:

Review: Wilco Live in Chicago: Arena Rock 101

Sunday, October 18, 2009
UIC Pavilion
Chicago, IL

I was starting to wonder if Wilco couldn’t find Chicago on the map. Aside from a performance at last years
Lollapalooza the last time the band played Chicago was for an epic five show residency at the Riviera Theatre in February 2008, in which they played their entire recorded catalog.

The elegant Auditorium Theatre had served as Wilco’s go-to venue for when they would play Chicago. The band played many a memorable shows at the iconic venue, but with a new album out something had to give. Could Wilco keep the intimacy of a theater show in an arena setting?

Once inside the arena, you could sense the excitement for the show. It was like Christmas morning for Wilco fans. The lights went out and the band strolled on stage to the “Price is Right” theme to a thunderous applause as if the crowd had just won the showcase showdown.

The first three songs, “Wilco (The Song)”, “ A Shot in The Arm” & “Bull Black Nova” set the tone for the entire evening. Raw energy may be the only way to describe the emotion the band played with. You could tell that they were glad to be home.
Guitarist Nels Cline was a mad scientist on stage, not straying far from his rig the virtuoso played with such fury that I wondered how his guitar strings didn’t break all at once. During “ A Shot in The Arm,” the guitarist repeatedly swung his guitar at this amp missing by mere inches, while keyboardist Mikael Jorgensen beat his keyboard with no regard for the instrument.

Predicting Jeff Tweedy’s mood at a show is about as easy as picking the winner of the Kentucky Derby. You just don’t know who is going to show up. It was evident from the beginning that he was very happy to be home. Tweedy took every opportunity he could to poke fun at his bands arena rock status. Before launching into the somber “Deeper Down,” Tweedy introduced the song as an arena rock song.

The guitar solo in “Impossible Germany” is becoming folklore among Wilco fans. From the opening riff, the excitement immediately builds for the blissful guitar explosion. This version would not disappoint as Nels took the song by the horns while adding a touch of jazz to the frantic solo.

“I’d like to dedicate this song to the 200 people here tonight who weren’t on our guest list. I guess we could’ve played Schubas,” proclaimed Tweedy before “Hate it Here”. I got the sense that even though Tweedy might not be comfortable with playing that large of a venue, he clearly appreciated the crowd. Wilco closed their set with “I’m The Man Who Loves You”, a tune that Tweedy dedicated to his wife.

After a very short break the band reconvened for an encore that left fans wanting more. “Just a Kid” was dedicated to Tortoise, who opened the show. The Chicago natives took full advantage of their opening slot, and got crowd moving with some inspiring music. Tortoise hasn’t reached the level of popularity that Wilco has, but for the last twenty years have been a force in not only the local music scene, but worldwide.

The encore continued with a
raucous version of “Monday”, which quickly segued into the upbeat “Outtasite (outta mind)”. Guitarist Pat Sansone showed his guitar chops off with a guitar duel that had people watching in awe as he and Nels Cline during traded licks during “Hoodoo Voodoo”. The band kept things rolling with the final song “I’m a Wheel”.

Wilco was welcomed home with open arms, and delivered a set that had people buzzing. The band showed much love to their fans, and I can honestly say on behalf of the entire crowd that the feeling is mutual. Chicago truly loves Wilco.

Thanks to the folks over at Glide Magazine for publishing my review.

Monday Morning Coffee Break

Finally, Atlanta based metal heads Mastodon are staying busy. The band spent a good chunk of the summer touring Europe supporting Metallica. They are currently in the midst of a large US tour, which has shows booked until the end of November. After a very short break the band will head to Australia & New Zealand for the Big Day Out Festival. The band has recently scored the music for the film adaptation of the comic book Jonah Hex. Bassist Troy Sanders talked to Paste about the project.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

U2 Live From The Rose Bowl Tonight On YouTube

Sunday, October 25,2009

The Rose Bowl

Pasadena, CA


Chicago: 10:30PM (CT)

New York: 11:30PM (ET)

Los Angeles: 8:30PM(PT)

Watch the webcast here.

Video: The Blakroc Sessions: Webisode 6

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Talking Beer With Kyle Hollingsworth of SCI

I am not a big fan of The String Cheese Incident, but one thing that Kyle Hollingsworth and I share in common is an affinity for beer. sat down with Kyle and talked about beer, his new solo record, and the future of SCI.

Let’s start things out with a topic of mutual interest…beer. You worked with Mountain Sun Brewery to create Hoppingsworth IPA. How did that come about and what role did you play?

Right now I’m on the West Coast continuing the Rock and Brew tour. It was a vision I had for the entire tour. When we started, I wanted to get my local brewery involved and figure out a way we could create a special event for my CD release. I’ve been working a lot with Mountain Sun in the past through different shows in Denver and Boulder and I love their beer.

So I went to them and at first they said the fans could come out and do a brewery tour. Then they said, “Why don’t we just make a beer?” I was so down with that and it was pretty much my dream, I just didn’t know how to ask.

So I got together with the head brewer Hutch. He and I made recipes together and talked about what we wanted out of it and talked about our favorite beers. Then after I put my input in I thought, “Why don’t I let him do what he does best and let him make the final choices.”

I went in, we brewed it together and got it ready for the release of the CD. Then they sold out of like 15 kegs in 5 days. I didn’t get enough and when I went it again it was gone.

In terms of your home brewing, has there been a particular style or batch you’ve been most proud of?

Mine are all very okay, not the best beers ever. That’s why I’m glad I had Mountain Sun help me. There’s a Sosa Spice I do which is coming up really soon. I am going to start doing that when I get home. It’s more of a holiday cheer type beer, pretty hoppy with nutmeg.

I’ve been thinking about this lately but I do feel there’s a connection between the way I home brew and the way I play music. I feel like you kind of have your basics under your fingers whether its keyboards or home brewing and then there’s that moment when you take that leap of faith. When you’re brewing, it’s, “Okay I know how to make beer but what’s the x factor? How can I jump off the ledge like I do when I play music in a live performance situation?” So you just kind of go for it and that when you try sassafras or that random citrus. There’s a baseline and then you take a leap of faith.

To read the rest of the article click here.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Great Lake Swimmers Announce War Child & West Coast Shows

The Great Lake Swimmers have just announced another round of shows. They are currently touring North America behind their latest release Lost Channels. The new tour dates are below.

Thurs Nov 5th - Dakota Tavern - Toronto, ON (War Child Benefit)
Wed Jan 27 - Alix Goolden Hall - Victoria, BC
Fri Jan 29 - The Vogue Theatre - Vancouver, BC
Sat Jan 30 - Cold Snap Festival - Prince George, BC
Sat Feb 6 - Trinity St. Paul’s United Church - Toronto, ON

The band was also nominated for a
Canadian Folk Music Award for "Contemporary Album of The Year"

Warren Haynes Presents: The 21st Annual Christmas Jam

The initial lineup for the 21st annual Christmas Jam has been announced.

December 12, 2009
The Asheville Civic Center
Asheville, NC

The Initial Lineup
Counting Crows
Ani Difranco
Gov't Mule

w/Special Guest Musicians:

Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews
DJ Logic
Audley Freed
Jackie Greene
Col. Bruce Hampton
Robert Kearns
Kevin Kinney
Eric Krasno
More to be announced

VIP and Travel Packages will go on-sale Monday October 26th at noon EST through

General Admission Pre-Sale Tickets
will be available beginning Tuesday October 27th at noon EST through X-Mas Jam Ticketing

VIP Ticket Packages will includes:
  • A ticket to The Christmas JamEntrance to the Pre-Jam at The Orange Peel on Friday December 11
  • Admittance to all Xmas Jam By Day events
  • Admittance to the Civic Center 15 minutes prior to door time
  • Access to a special hospitality room inside the Civic Center on the stage level with complimentary snacks and a private cash bar
  • A VIP exclusive Christmas JamT-Shirt
  • A limited edition event poster

Them Crooked Vultures Announce Debut Album

On November 17,
Them Crooked Vultures will release their self titled debut album. The highly anticipated album will feature Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) on drums, Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) on guitar and vocals and John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) on bass. Check out the tracklist below.

You can
pre-order the album here.

Them Crooked Vultures

No One Loves Me & Neither Do I

Mind Eraser, No Chaser

New Fang

Dead End Friends


Scumbag Blues



Interlude With
Warsaw or the First Breath You Take After You Give Up



Spinning in Daffodils

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wanna Design Your Own Simpsons Character?

Have you ever wanted to appear in an episode of The Simpsons? The creators of the show are giving fans a chance to do just that as part of their 20th anniversary celebration. All you have to do to enter the contest is fill out this form. The episode will air on January 31, 2010 and will feature Chris Martin of Coldplay.

The contest ends on
Saturday, October 24. There isn't much time at all so think quick and be creative. Good Luck!

Hidden Track]

Andrew Bird Goes To Church

Andrew Bird has lined up some unique gigs in Chicago and Minneapolis.
This December, Bird will play churches in Minneapolis and his home base of Chicago. According to a press release, these shows are based around the Dutch concept of Gezelligheid, or, roughly, "coziness": "a term that fails to fully describe the more intensely warm, amicable and joyous atmosphere the word expresses in its native language." Bird, playing entirely solo, will mostly focus on instrumental violin pieces. He'll use ambient lighting instead of overhead lights and giant horns instead of P.A. systems. Also, he'll serve donut holes at post-show meetups in the basement. (OK, I made that last part up.)

Here's what Bird says about the Gezelligheid shows: "What I hope to do with these shows is adapt my music completely to the atmosphere of the space and the season. I'm inspired to do this based on childhood memories of performing Handel's Messiah in various churches on an annual basis. The music will be mostly original instrumentals using my voice only to intone. I want the audience to be both lifted and comforted as we head into another cold and dark winter. I feel the space should be sacred so the audience can experience my music in a different atmosphere."

12-10 Minneapolis, MN - Saint Mark's Episcopal Cathedral (
Gezelligheid show)
12-11 Minneapolis, MN - Saint Mark's Episcopal Cathedral (
Gezelligheid show)
12-15 Chicago, IL - Fourth Presbyterian Church (
Gezelligheid show)
12-16 Chicago, IL - Fourth Presbyterian Church (
Gezelligheid show)
12-17 Chicago, IL - Fourth Presbyterian Church (
Gezelligheid show)

[via Pitchfork]

Google To Launch Music Service

Google is set to launch it's own music service to rival iTunes.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Phish To Perform Radiohead's Kid A on Halloween?

It looks like one of the campgrounds at Festival 8 will be themed after Radiohead's "Kid A". While this doesn't mean the band will perform the album, it looks like it could be one of the finalists. It also might not mean a thing. The anticipation is building! Props to Live Music Blog for posting the info!

Hump Day Happenings

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Video: Phish - Down with Disease

Setlist: Wilco October 19, 2009 - UIC Pavilion - Chicago, IL

The show tonight was absolutely off the hook! The setlist was incredible and they played "Country Disappeared". Look for a review from me in the next few days.

Monday, October 19, 2009
UIC Pavilion
Chicago, IL

Via Chicago
Bull Black Nova
A Shot in the Arm
Side with the Seeds
You Are My Face
One Wing
I am Trying to Break Your Heart
I'll Fight
Impossible Germany
Country Disappeared
Handshake Drugs
Far, Far Away
Sonny Feeling
Box Full of Letters
Jesus, Etc.
Can't Stand It
I'm the Man Who Loves You

The Late Greats
You Never Know
Hate it Here
Heavy Metal Drummer
Poor Places
Spiders (Kidsmoke)
Passenger Side
Casino Queen
Outtasite (Outta Mind)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Wilco Tonight in Chicago: Follow the show live on Twitter

I will be at Wilco's second and final Chicago show tonight at the UIC Pavilion. I will be updating my Twitter account with the setlist.

You can
follow my Twitter account here.

Monday Morning Coffee Break

Finally, Diddy really needs to learn to be a little more responsible when it comes to his $20,000 rings. He should consider changing his name to Dummy or maybe Dopey? This is a story that you have to read to believe.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Setlist: Wilco October 18, 2009 UIC Pavilion - Chicago, IL

Once again, Wilco delivered an amazing set for their hometown crowd. Some of the highlights included an amazing "Impossible Germany" & "Hoodoo Voodoo" featured some sick guitar solos by both Nels and Pat! Jeff Tweedy was exceptionally chatty tonight. The setlist for tonight is below. Thanks to everyone who followed my twitter postings. I will be at the show tomorrow night as well.

Sunday, October 18, 2009
UIC Pavilion
Chicago, IL

The band came on stage to the Price is Right theme

Wilco (the song)
A Shot in the Arm
Bull Black Nova
You Are my Face
I am trying to break your heart
One Wing
Misunderstood (36 Nothings!)
At least that's what you said
Deeper Down
Impossible Germany
It's just that simple w/ John on guitar and vox
I'll Fight
Handshake Drugs
Sonny Feeling
Jesus, etc.
I'm Always In Love
Hate It Here
I'm the man who loves you
You Never Know
Heavy metal drummer
Just a Kid
Outtasite (outta mind)
Hoodoo Voodoo
I'm a wheel

Wilco Tonight in Chicago: Follow the Show Live on Twitter

I will be at the Wilco show tonight, and will be updating my twitter account with the setlist.

You can
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Video: The Blakroc Sessions: Webisode 5

Flaming Lips to Cover Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon

Flaming Lips just don't stop!

Just as the band released their ambitious new double album
Embyronic, the band has announced they have recorded a track-by-track interpretation of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. Henry Rollins & Peaches guest on the project.

Click here
for the L.A. Times story.
Above photo by Todd Martens.


Happy Birthday Hidden Track

I just wanted to wish a quick happy birthday to Hidden Track, which turns 3 today. Scotty B. & company, keep up the great work!!!

Video: Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thank You, Detroit, We Love You!

This story reminds me of the Southwest Airlines commercial when the rapper thanks the wrong city after his performance.

It seems that David Gahan of Depeche Mode forgot what country he was in. I can't imagine the reaction of the crowd.

[via NME]

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rumor: Trey Anastasio Solo Tour in February 2010

I just took a quick visit to LMB and they posted a rumor about a possible Trey Anastaio solo tour. No word on if this is an orchestral tour or his solo band.

Live Music Blog]

Tony Dekker of Great Lake Swimmers Announces Solo Shows

Tony Dekker of Great Lake Swimmers will open for Jason Molina & Will Johnson on their European tour. The dates are below, with more to be announced.

Nov 28 - Toutpartout 15 years @ Botanique – Brussel (B)

Nov 29 - Le Guess Who? Festival @ Tivoli – Utrecht (NL)

Nov 30 - MC Frits Philips – Eindhoven (NL)

Dec 01 - Railway Inn - Winchester (UK)

Dec 02 - The Garage - London (UK)

Dec 03 - Deaf Institute – Manchester (UK)

Dec 04 - Emporium – Rouen (F)

Dec 05 - Le Scopitone – Paris (F)

Hump Day Happenings

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Matt Groening To Curate First UK ATP Weekend

It was announced today that 'The Simpsons' creator Matt Groening will curate the first ATP weekend in Minehead, UK this coming May. No other acts have been confirmed. As previously announced, Pavement will headline the second weekend.

NME has the scoop here.

Monday, October 12, 2009

2009 Canadian Folk Music Awards

The nominees were recently announced for the 2009 Canadian Folk Music Awards. You can check out the nominees below. I am hoping that Great Lake Swimmers come away with "Contemporary Album of The Year" for Lost Channels. It is currently, and has been in heavy rotation in my iTunes.

Click here
for the 2009 Nominees

Hear Michael Jackson's "This Is It"

Monday Morning Coffee Break

Lastly, even though the Giants & Jets are still taking care of business at Giants Stadium, Bruce Springsteen played the final concert there. It was the bands 24th appearance at the venue. Read the NY Times review here, and Brooklyn Vegan has a review with some cool pictures here.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Video: The Blakroc Sessions: Webisode 4

New Chicago Venue: Lincoln Hall

I am very excited to check out this new venue. I am a big fan of Schubas and the pictures they have released of the space look really cool. They have some great shows announced and I am sure with many more to follow.

Check out their website, which has information on the venue and upcoming shows.

Schubas has put the finishing touches on its new
venture, Lincoln Hall, a mid-sized concert venue at
2424 N. Lincoln Avenue. Five years after brothers
Chris and Mike Schuba first conceived the idea of
opening a new venue, and a little over a year after
purchasing the former location of the Three Penny
Cinema, the gutting and eventual transformation
into a contemporary-feeling venue is complete.
The space features a wrap-around mezzanine in the
Music Hall, plus a front bar and restaurant, and
additional bars upstairs and down in the Music Hall.

Lincoln Hall will serve as an extension to Schubas’
music programming, which has helped to cultivate
some of today’s most successful musical acts
including Feist, My Morning Jacket and The Shins.
Lincoln Hall will follow Schubas' lead and
feature some of Chicago’s best live sound and sight
lines, ensuring that bands and customers alike can
expect the same great Schubas hospitality in
another comfortable environment.

Tour Dates: Phish 2009 Fall Tour Dates

11/18/09 Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI
11/20/09 U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati, OH

11/21/09 U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati, OH
11/22/09 War Memorial at Oncenter, Syracuse, NY
11/24/09 Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA

11/25/09 Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA
11/27/09 Times Union Center, Albany, NY
11/28/09 Times Union Center, Albany, NY

11/29/09 Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME

12/2/09 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

12/3/09 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

12/4/09 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
12/5/09 John Paul Jones Arena, Charlottesville, VA

A limited number of tickets are available directly through Phish Tickets' online ticketing system at The ticket request period is currently underway and will end Friday, October 16th at 5:00pm EST.

Phish Fall 2009 Tour Dates Start To Leak

Every Phish fan has been anxiously awaiting the announcement of the bands late fall tour. It appears that Ticketmaster & Live Nation have begun to spill the beans. Stay tuned for an official tour announcement.

11/24 & 11/25 - Wachovia Center - Philadelphia, PA

11/29 - Cumberland County Civic Center - Portland, ME

Hidden Track]

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Friendly Reminder: Dinosaur Jr. live on NPR tonight

The coverage will start at approximately 8:30 p.m. E.T. with an opening solo set by Lou Barlow.

A Not So Warm & Fuzzy Feeling

Can't we all just get along?
In what now seems to be an unfortunate trend at Boston rock concerts, a man was arrested at Kiss‘ TD Garden show on October 5th after urinating on the concertgoer standing in front of him. According to the BPDNews blotter, a woman was watching the Sonic Boom band in action when suddenly she experienced “a warm feeling on the back of her leg.” The victim turned around to see the source of the warmth, only to discover the man standing behind her was urinating. Security was called over and the guilty party was quickly escorted away and detained until the police arrived.

[via Live Music Blog]

Video: Them Crooked Vultures @ ACL

"Mind Eraser"

"Nobody Loves Me and Neither Do I"

[via Blabbermouth]

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tour Dates: Wilco 2010 North American / Trans Canada Tour

Wilco just hit the road for another round of US tour dates culminating with two hometown shows at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago. After a recent appearance at Farm Aid, Wilco have announced another round of shows. This jaunt will begin in early February and will see the band play a handful of shows in the US with the majority north of the border in Canada. The tour dates are below.

Feb. 7 Adams Center - Missoula, MT

Feb. 9 Arlene Schnitzer Hall - Portland, OR

Feb. 10 Paramount Theatre - Seattle, WA

Feb. 13 Live City Vancouver @ David Lam Park^ - Vancouver, CA

Feb. 15 Northern Jubilee Auditorium - Edmonton, AB

Feb. 16 Southern Jubilee Auditorium - Calgary, AB

Feb. 17 TCU Place - Saskatoon, AB

Feb. 19 DECC Auditorium - Duluth, MN

Feb. 20 Overture Hall - Madison, WI

Feb. 21 Wharton Cobb Great Hall - East Lansing, MI

Feb. 23 Hamilton Palace Theatre - Hamilton, ON

Feb. 24 Centennial Hall - London, ON

Feb. 27 Olympia De Montreal - Montreal, QC

Mar. 1 National Arts Centre - Ottawa, ON

Mar. 3 Halifax Forum - Halifax, NS

^ - Free show as part of
The 2010 Winter Games