Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wilco Sponsors Little League Teams

The members of Wilco are not known for their athletic prowess, although drummer Glenn Kotche and guitar wiz Nels Cline each get substantial workouts during Wilco shows. The band is sponsoring little league teams in their hometown of Chicago and in Northampton, MA. Check out the info below.
Wilco: The Baseball Team
Wilco's Jeffy Tweedy has referenced his physicality before in self-deprecating fashion (saying in “Kicking Television” that he’s “working on his abs”), but a news update on the group’s website indicates that the band is more likely to hitting groundballs than doing sit-ups. That’s because Wilco is sponsoring not one, but two little league baseball teams in Chicago and Northampton, Mass., respectively. The Chicago team, the Royals, plays in the Warren Park Youth Baseball League, while the Mass. team is in the Northampton Little League, Junior Division. This seems like a natural place to make a joke about whether the teams will shift lineups as much as Wilco has, but who would do such a thing?
Chicagoist presents Wilco: The Product Guide


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