Thursday, January 14, 2010

Upcoming Levon Helm Midnight Rambles

If you ever have a chance to check out one of Levon Helm's Midnight Rambles, please don't pass it up. It was one the coolest concert experiences that I have ever witnessed.

January 16
- w/ Pete Special
Little Sammy Davis & Fred Scribner w/ LHB
This show will be recorded by "The House of Blues Radio Hour"
Standing room only tickets available
January 30 - w/ Dorraine Scofield
Little Sammy Davis & Fred Scribner w/ LHB
February 6 - w/ David Bromberg and Angel Band
Little Sammy Davis & Fred Scribner w/ LHB
February 20 - w/ Redbird Round
Little Sammy Davis & Fred Scribner w/ LHB
March 6 -
w/ Hayes Carll
Little Sammy Davis & Fred Scribne w/ LHB
March 20 -
w/Allison Moorer (CD release) and Steve Earle
Little Sammy Davis & Fred Scribner w/ LHB

To purchase tickets for Levon's Midnight Rambles click here.

For information regarding Levon's Midnight Rambles click here.

You can also catch Levon Helm's band on the road.

Feb 26 @ The Wellmont Theater - Wellmont, NJ
Feb 27 @ Harrah's Restort - Atlantic City, NJ
Mar 5 @ The State Theatre - Ithaca, NY
Apr 22 @ The Arkansas Music Pavilion - Fayetteville, AR
Apr 24 @ Horsehoe Casino - Robinson, MS
Jul 24 @ Floydfest - Floyd, VA
Aug 6 @ Edmonton Folk Fest - Edmonton, AB, Canada

A note to fans planning to see The Levon Helm Band: Levon lost his voice while we were on the road on June. The good news is that a biopsy of his vocal cord a few weeks ago resulted in a diagnosis of NO CANCER, however he does need to remain on vocal rest so that he can heal. He was diagnosed with a lesion on his vocal cord from acid reflux which was removed by laser. He will sing again, following some rigorous vocal lessons with his vocal coach, but he does need to take it slowly. Thanks to you, his loyal and loving fans, he's been welcomed to the stage with shouts and cheers and sounds of encouragement through this healing process.

Levon is back! As of December 12th Levon has been singing back-up vocals on Deep Elum Blues, the third verse of The Weight and all of Tennessee Jed!!

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