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Foo Fighters - Self Titled
1. This Is A Call
2. I'll Stick Around
3. Big Me
4. Alone + Easy Target
5. Good Grief
6. Floaty
7. Weenie Beenie
8. Oh, George
9. For All The Cows
10. X-Static
11. Wattershed
12. Exhausted

After the death of Kurt Cobain, it didn't take Dave Grohl long to get back in the saddle. After turning down an offer to become the full time drummer for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Grohl entered the studio to record the Foo Fighters first full length album. Grohl played every instrument on the album except one guitar track played by Greg Dulli of The Afghan Whigs.

With the exception of two tracks this album is pretty heavy. Grohl's drumming on the album is very impressive and it reminds me a lot like his drumming on In Utero. His guitar is work isn't to shabby either. Of all of the Foo Fighters album, this is the least polished, but that doesn't take away from the quality of the record.

It is very fitting that the final song on the album is "Exhausted". I can't imagine the roller coaster ride of emotions that Grohl went through after the death of Cobain. The album was released just 15 months after his passing. By the time you get to the song, the listener is literally exhausted from the non-stop guitar and drum assault. Throw in a little screaming and you have a straight forward in your face rock n roll album.

Refusing to mount a major tour for the album, Grohl and band mates Pat Smear, Nate Mendel & William Goldsmith opted to open for Mike Watt on his
Ringspiel club tour. I was very fortunate to have caught their show at The Metro in Chicago. I was surprised to see that Grohl was playing guitar and not drums, but you could tell that he clearly enjoyed leading the band. Although, he didn't play drums for the Foo Fighters, he did play drums for part of Mike Watts set and it was awesome! Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam was at the show as well. He performed as part of the opening act Hoovercraft, which was fronted by his then wife Beth Liebling, and as a part of Mike Watts band. It was a show that I will never forget.

It is amazing to think that The Foo Fighters are fifteen years old. They are currently on a hiatus of sorts, but Dave Grohl has not stopped making music. He has recently formed a supergroup called Them Crooked Vultures with John Paul Jones & Josh Homme. They are preparing to release their debut album with a tour booked as well. There is one thing for sure and that is Dave Grohl loves making music. I hope he continues to do so because I certainly do enjoy listening to it.

Mike Watt
May 6, 1995
The Metro
Chicago, IL

Walking the Cow@
Big Train
Against the 70's
Drove up from Pedro
Makin' the Freeway
Chinese Firedrill
Piss-Bottle Man
Forever - One Reporter's Opinion
E-Ticket Ride
Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing
Coincidence is Either Hit or Miss
The Red and the Black
E: Secret Garden%
Powerful Hankerin'

@ - Daniel Johnston cover
# - Pearl Jam cover. First time ever played and would be released on No Code the following year.
$ - Blue Oyster Cult cover
% - Madonna cover

Mike Watt - Bass, Vocals
Dave Grohl - Drums, Guitar on three songs & Backup vocals
Eddie Vedder - Guitar, Backup vocals & Lead vocals on Habit
Pat Smear - Guitar, Backup vocals & Lead vocals on Secret Garden
William Goldsmith - Drums

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