Sunday, August 30, 2009

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Arctic Monkeys - Humbug
1. My Propeller

2. Crying Lightning

3. Dangerous Animals

4. Secret Door

5. Potion Approaching

6. Fire and the Thud

7. Cornerstone

8. Dance Little Liar

9. Pretty Visitors

10. The Jeweller's Hands

Their first album Whatever People Say I am, That's What I'm Not, was a smash hit in the UK catapulting them to instant rock stars overnight. The sound was very raw and minimal, but at the same time had an edge to it.

The members of The Arctic Monkeys are in the early twenty's and they have already released three full length albums and a live album. That is pretty remarkable in the music business today. They are enormously popular in the UK, but have not found the same success across the pond in The United States

Humbug the band tweaked its sound with the help of Josh Homme of Queens of The Stone Age and James Ford of Simian Mobile Disco. The Arctic Monkeys may still be youngsters, but their sound on Humbug has grown up. The first three tracks "My Propeller", "Crying Lightning" and "Dangerous Animals" will suck you into the rest of the album. With Humbug, The Arctic Monkeys have set the bar pretty high and it's exciting to think what could be next out of these lads from Sheffield!

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